Saturday, December 6, 2014

CSI December Guest Designer

Scrap-ditali-ocious!  I don't know why that word just popped into my brain.  My brain is so random and it usually thinks like a 7 year old about 50% of the time.  It's fun though.  

Anyway, Guess what? Last night was reveal night for CSI's Challenge- Case File #s365-10.  
Here is what it looks like:

As a Guest Designer (AKA Special Deputy), I created this:

The photo is from Christmas Day 2009.  Me and my husband's first Christmas together.  I made him this really ugly, uneven, itchy, pink blanket.  It was my first crochet project, obviously.  He wrapped himself in it like a tortilla and said that it was the most beautiful blanket that he's ever seen.  Yeah right, but he was very touched that I spent so much time making him a gift.  Bless his heart.  At that moment, I knew we would always be together. 

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