Friday, December 19, 2014

Using Flowers and Pink on BOY Pages

 In the beginning of my scrapbooking hobby,  my BOY pages were kept masculine.  However, I am drawn to girly crafting supplies. I love pink papers, flowers, hearts, diamonds, glitter, basically.........anything that screams girly girl.  So, here's the problem with that:  I live in a house filled with boys. Well......except for one of our dogs.  Those beautiful girly papers and dainty little doilies would call my name and beg for me to use them.......but I resisted the urge because I thought it just wasn't right to use them with pictures of my son and husband.  And I usually only scrap photos of them because I'm behind the camera 99% of the time.

I don't remember the exact date that I caved in.  I threw all my rules out the window and just went crazy.  The photos of my husband and son were no longer safe.

They were getting GIRLI-fied.  (sorry boys):

Let me just tell you:  I've been having so much more fun with my new "NO RULES" mindset.  My creativity took on a whole new meaning.  I didn't feel trapped in a "boring masculine-only" box.  I am finally free.

The Studio Calico Blog has Challenges hosted by members  in their Message Forums.  For December's LOAW #4  (use pink) I made a layout:

Do use use feminine touches on your boy layouts?

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