Monday, January 19, 2015

A Very Layered Grid Design and a Life Lesson

Top of the morning to you!  This month's theme at Lasting Memories Blog is Life's Moments.  As a scrapper, I love filling my albums with my perfect little family doing perfect little things.  All of us with smiling faces and eyes full of love.  Well ladies and gentlemen, NOT TODAY!

This week's challenge is Life's Lessons.  I scrapped a photo of my son on a fishing trip.  He learned about the role of a "bait fish"(a fish used as bait to catch a larger fish).  He figured out, in his innocent little mind, that the bait fish would die.  It saddened his sweet little heart, and broke mine.  

I don't know why I don't do grid designs more often.  They are fun and easy.  I used to think they were boring and not my style because the elements were separated and uniform.  But I figured out how to make it more "me".  I layered the photo and the cards with copy paper.  Then stuck in little die cuts and other bits in-between the layers, added the mist and called it finished.

Do you only scrap happy moments?  Share your thoughts.


  1. I'm not really opposed to scrapping non-perfect moments (like a child crying about a picture with Santa), but there are certain topics I know I wouldn't do....such as funerals. I have seen people do that, but know it's just not for me.

  2. Wow! I really love this! Beautiful photo of your son (although he looks a little sad), love the grid and the layers!

  3. This layout is gorgeous! Love all the layers that you added in with the copy paper. I don't scrap only happy moments, but I do seem to struggle with the not so happy moments.

  4. Lovely layout :) Some lessons are just so tough to learn