Friday, June 12, 2015

New Scrapbook Process Video: "Gettin' Sketchy Wit It" (new YouTube series)

I'm having some fun with my YouTube Channel.  Of course I'm completely obsessing about it too, wanting to do a new video every day of the week.  But it's so cool!  I have so much to learn and I'm challenged in the technical department, but so far its a fun ride.  

" Gettin' Sketchy Wit It" is a series with a new episode every Tuesday (hopefully).  Each week I will pick a different sketch to use as inspiration.  I'll share my creative thought process on creating a layout and manipulating the sketch without losing my personal scrappy style.  Or whatever that means.  

Here's the layout:

That's not a beer gut, I was pregnant.  But, honestly, I look thinner then than I do now.  However, I'm not at all willing to stop eating ice cream.  And I accept it.  Moving on.........

I joined in on Hip Kit Club's Facebook Forum Challenge that ended June 11.

If you have a sketch that you'd like me to feature on a future episode, let me know.  Leave a comment  on this YouTube Video or send me a message.  I'd love to hear from you.  Thanks for visiting today!  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and never miss an episode!

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  1. I love process videos, and yours is no exception. I've been trying to make my own, but I'd definately need a bigger tripod to get a better angle